concentrated mouthwash

$28.00 CAD

The new luxurious Marvis Mouthwash is very different from what is currently on the market. Very effective and extremely refreshing, it`s alcohol-free which makes it more pleasurable for your gums and teeth.

It is formulated with real mint extracts which ensures a fresher breath.

Other herbs and spices gives it a unique taste and long-lasting refreshing effect.

The presence of xylitol, a natural extract of bark and birch, sweetens the solution just enough and increases the feeling of freshness.

The Propolis extracts, resin collected by bees on the buds of certain trees, known for its disinfectants and antibiotics properties, ensures the antibacterial side.

The Marvis mouthwash is sold concentrated: you need to dilute with 5 to 8 portions of water before use.

Discover a new and amazing ritual, energizing breath thanks to the new Marvis Mouthwash!

How to use : 
-Dilute 5 mesures of water with 1 mesure of Marvis solution
-Recommended twice a day for 30 seconds after brushing

Dilute before use. 
Do not swallow. 
Keep out of reach of children