baloo crew

$75.00 CAD

you asked how much for baloo, well now all your dreams (and mine) have been answered!!!  BALOO IS FINALLY FOR SALE!!!!  coming in on your favourite updated hf sweatshirt v2 in a stark white baloo can finally be yours!!

* this furry blind boy has brought such joy i couldn't have imagined into my life and also into many of yours who have met him here at hf hq.  grateful every day for him and for the rescuers who saved him and allowed the opportunity for baloo to be a part of my life.  people always say how lucky he is to be here, but i truly feel like the lucky one!  and to show my gratitude we will be donating all profit from these sweaters to baloo's rescue company 'fetch and releash' and to our local georgian triangle humane society.